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Why swim when you can walk on water? AeroFun floating foam products are your best floating buddies. AeroFun Sports and Leisure range of products are developed by Hira Industries, designed for beaches and lakes, the floating foam products are perfect to just get in the water to relax, cool off and luxuriate with family and friends. Floating foam products by AeroFun can be used indoor and outdoor.

Maximize your fun on the water with AeroFun! The AeroFun Water Mats provide a safe and pleasant space for your kids, friends, and others to play, chill, and relax on whether the boat stops for a moment of peace and tranquility or you’re ready to float off the dock. A perfect floating playground that will unite the whole family! AeroFun brings to you Water Fun for all.

The products are sure to bring you and your family very good comfort and feel on water. The AeroFun sports and leisure range are a perfect fit for water games, sports, gatherings, and vacations. It will surely have you and all the others spend hours playing and floating in the water.

AeroFun products are seamless and can be used for practicing yoga, sunbathing, picnics, staycations and even in your residential pools. They are perfect for gifting as they can be utilized by a major segment varied across different ages and will surely bring you endless joy and a wonderful time with your near and dear ones.

A few products included in the AeroFun Sports and Leisure range are as follows:

AeroFun Water Mat for beaches

AeroFun Water Mat for Pools

AeroFun Noodles

AeroFun Saddle

AeroFun Floating Ping Pong

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